Wednesday, March 7, 2012

World Read Aloud Day

Yesterday our class celebrated .  To do this, most of us bought books from home.  The books we bought in were "old favourites" - the ones we've read over and over.  We also bought our favourite novels and shared either an excerpt or gave an overview of the plot.  We talked about how family memories of reading books also makes them special.

We now all have several books that we're wanting to read.  Books become even more exciting when we see how much enjoyment others have got from them.  

Miss McLeod read the Mudmen chapter from Andy Griffith's book, Just Crazy.  It was hilarious with lots of crack-up moments - the reader had to work hard to read on past her laughter at times.

We then got into pairs and started rehearsing poems to read to the class.  Our task is to read/recite the poem expressively and with 'drama' in our voices.  Stay tuned ... we may post a video or two of this.
What are your favourite books and why do you like them?
Do you have any special 'book' or 'reading' memories?


  1. I remember in third grade when I had to do exactly this. I did it and it was alot of fun so GOOD LUCK!

    1. Hi there

      Thank you for commenting on our blog. We had a great time with World Read Aloud Day. Also we got heaps of new books from the National Library. We hope to hear back from you.

      Your blogging friend


  2. Hi to everyone in Room 24,
    This afternoon we were having a tour of our class blog, specifically focusing on great comments. We were sooooo excited to see the wonderful comments from your class. We really appreciate that you visited our blog and took the time to comment. Thank you so much for making us feel involved with a real audience. We would love to visit your blog and find out more about your exciting learning journeys.
    Thanks again,
    Mrs K and Room 6, St Mary's School, Mosgiel

    1. Dear Mrs K and all of Room 6

      Our class finds it so much fun to blog, so it's our pleasure. How did you tour your blog? Did you show your class how to use the blog or did Room 6 show their parents? Room 24 have just started blogging this year and we have really enjoyed it so far! How long have you been blogging for?

      We hope to hear from you again


  3. Hi! Your blog page is awesome! Olivia Klok