Monday, March 26, 2012

Credible Characters & Puppets with Personality

Just over two weeks ago, we watched a video tutorial by the puppet genius, Jim Henson, about how to make puppets from regular household items.  Room 24 were inspired at how he brought the puppets to life - treating them as real characters with their own personalities and mannerisms.  

As our main writing focus this term has been narratives, we decided to create puppets for our lead characters.  

The requirements for our puppets were that they would be made from readily available items and that they would be a true representation of our main character.  They needed to show the visual qualities of our characters and, in some way, demonstrate behaviour that our characters would typically display.

We LOVE writing with our puppets close by as they are a source of inspiration and creativity.

Stop by in the next two weeks to read excerpts from our writing and to see some guest appearances by our characters/puppets.

Can you recall your most favourite character that you've ever created and written about?
Have you made a puppet before?  What was he/she made of?  
Or, if you were to make one, how would you create him/her?


  1. Dear Rm 24
    What a great idea to make lead character puppets. They all look full of personality!
    I remember making a puppet years and years ago that was a hand puppet but the head was made from an egg shell covered in papier mache. That was a great puppet!
    I think it would be fun to make a string puppet.

    warm wishes
    Mrs McKenzie

    P.S. B4 have been working on their postcards. They are nearly done!

    1. Hi Mrs Mckenzie

      Our class had so much fun making these wonderful puppets! It sounds like you had alot of fun too.

      One person in our class called Brooke, made a string puppet. She called it Tina the Ballerina. It was really well made and the ballerina on the end of the strings was so cute.

      Blog back soon,

      P.S. Room 24 are getting there with our postcards too.

  2. Room 24 - those puppets are just gorgeous as are your media shots! You all perform to the camera like movie stars! The Einsteins are currently designing their own puppet stage to share their thoughts about the books they read... We will let you know when we are ready for feedback but in the meantime - thank you for your inspiration!

    1. Dear Ms Bee,

      Thank you for all the wonderful comments!
      All of us are very pleased with our puppets. We also felt a bit like movie stars posing for the camera.
      (If only there was a red carpet).
      During class time we planned out what our puppet was going to look like, and made a short story about its Characteristics and habitat. Room 24 are pleased that we have inspired you and are looking forward to your puppets.

      From your pal,


  3. I LOVE the photo: such enthusiasm and lots of definitely cool characters, so cool that in some of the images, I can't quite tell which are the puppets and which are the students!!!! Well done, everybody!

    1. Hi there,
      It is Ashleigh here. I am so glad you like our puppets! I think it was a great idea for homework because it was something different and fun but we learnt at the same time by writing our stories. I enjoyed creating a whole world for my puppet because you could be as creative as you wanted to be.
      Have you ever created a puppet before? What was it made of?
      I would love to keep in touch with you.

      Your blogging buddy,

  4. Hi Room 24. Really enjoying your Blog and impressed with the way you are replying and responding to the questions you are being asked. What you are doing with this Blog just highlights to me how tools like this can enhance all sorts of learning AND make the world a much smaller place. Kia kaha Room 24 - "OARSOME JOB" or is that meant to begin with an "A"??? Cheers Mr C, Room: Da Boss!

    1. Dear Mr C

      Thank you for your awesome comment. We have been very busy with our puppets including making stories, having photos taken with them and even showing them in a team assembly. We spent a lot of time making them too and they are all made out of items you can find around the house.

      Have your ever made puppets?

      Yours Sincerely

  5. Hi Miss McLeod,
    It is Ashleigh here. I just wanted to say Thank you for your fantastic idea of creating our own puppets. I think it was a great idea because it was something different and exciting and we learnt from it at the same time by writing our stories.
    What was your favorite part of the puppet making?
    Also I just want to say Thanks for everything you do for us. You are obviously very busy.

    Yours sincerely