Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kaweka Flash Mob

At our last Kaweka team assembly, Room 5 surprised us all with a flash mob.  They performed it to the song, Everything's Gonna Be Alright by the Babysitter Circus.  We all thought the flash mob was FANTASTIC so the Kaweka teachers decided it would be a brilliant idea for our students to 'flash mob' the rest of the school.

We used the same song and same choreography and yesterday Room 5 led the way in the flash mob.  We had so much fun and it was definitely a success!  Who knows what will happen next ...

An enormous thanks to Ms Brooks and Room 5 for the inspiration and talent you showed!  Also, thanks to Kate (whose arm is out of action) for taking some TERRIFIC shots.

Have you ever been involved in an outdoor performance?  If so, what was it?
What other performances or events do you think our Kaweka learning team could plan in future?


  1. Hey Trevor here,
    This is a interesting blog and post.I live in United States. Things here are different than in New Zealand.Come check out my blog please! This is really cool. I've never seen this before. It's really cool. I want to learn more about this place. It's really interesting. Also come check out our class blog which is the second link.

    1. Dear Trevor,
      The Kaweka flash mob was so much fun! Have you ever been involved in a flash mob before? It was called a 'Kaweka Flash Mob' because in our school there are three learning teams: Kaweka, Takitimu, nd Mohaka. They have colours that go with them: yellow(Kaweka), blue (Takitimu), and green (Mohaka).

      Do you have learning teams in your school?

      Keep in touch

    2. Dear Trevor

      I'll come check out your blog soon and also the class blog. The flash mob was really fun. Before the day came to do the flash mob we watched some videos of people doing a flash mob. They were very interesting because some had people dancing and then one of them had people pretending to be statues and then when it was finished they all walked away like nothing had happened at all.

      We are just finishing things for our blog like Kiwiana and information about Hawke's Bay. Kiwiana is about New Zealand items. Doing this is fun because we get to talk about where we live and what we do in our city.

      Your New Zealand friend

    3. Hello Trevor

      Thank you for commenting and having a look around our blog. I didn't get a chance to look at your blog, but fortunately I did look at your class blog. I love how it is set out like a journal.

      We would really like to keep in touch and learn more about your class. If you wanted to know more about us you can find information that’s being updated regularly on our About Us page.

      Have you ever been involved in an outdoor performance? If so, what was it?
      How old are the students in your class?

      Your blogging pal


    4. Hey Trevor again,
      No I have never been in any outdoor performance. In fact this is the first time I have heard of a flash mob. It's quite interesting. The students here are from 12-13 years of age. We don't have learning teams the way you guys have with different colors. We have 7 red and 7 white for 7th grade and 8 red and 8 white for 8th grade. We don't have uniforms though. I hope to see more posts from room 24.
      Your blogging friend,

  2. Wow that sounds really cool and amzing, one time our teachers started doing a dance in front of us when we were eating lunch and soon after the whole school started to join in! It really is true fun, isn't it?

    Your blogging friend,
    Halcombe School.

    1. Dear Emily

      It is so fun to do a flash mob. The week before we were going to do it, our class had just come back from a practice and our teacher put on some music and the flash mob song came on. Nearly the whole class jumped up and did it in the class. Girls on one side, boys on the other. Everybody had such a good time!

      How big is your school? Did they really all start to join in? It would've been funny watching your teachers do a flash mob! What song did you do it to?

      From your Hawke's Bay blogging buddy


    2. Dear Emily

      It was so much fun doing a flash mob. It all started with our team assembely when Room 5 did the flash mob. Then the teachers decided that Kaweka should do it in front of the school during play time.

      What song did your teachers use for their flash mob?

      Your blogging buddy

  3. Hey Room 24 I have a few questions to ask about you,
    Do you stay in one room the whole day? How what subjects do you learn? How long is your day? Do you have outdoor time during the day? What is the weather like right now? I hope to get responses.
    Your United States friend,

    1. Hi Trevor

      Thank you for all your comments on our blog. We have one teacher for all our subjects apart for maths, which we get put in different classes depending on our ability. Our subjects are Maths,reading,writing,physical education, and inquiry. We have other subjects like Dance and drama, Mixed materials, Biotechnology, Visual art and Food technology. These are extra subjects that we learn on different days for one day a week.

      The school day starts at 8.25am and finishes at 2.50pm. We have morning tea for 20 minutes and lunch for 50 minutes plus we have physical education mostly every day.

      Napier is known for it's sunny weather in New Zealand and surprise surprise it is beautiful at the moment.

      What part of America do you live in? Do you usually have good weather?

      Thanks again

    2. Hey Aimee,
      What is inquiry? You guys have a long lunch. Our day starts at 8:05am and ends at 2:35am. You guys have morning tea?? That's cool. I live in Ohio, we get okay weather. One day we will have warm, nice weather than the next we will have cold, lousy weather. I am more than happy to post comments on your blog I hope I can learn more about your class.
      Thanks for responding, Your blogging pal,

  4. Hey Trevor
    Inquiry is when we have a big focus/main idea for the school term. This term our focus is Culture and identity, where we are making up a class name,motto,handshake and mascot.Napier can be a bit up in the air with the weather aswell but usually its in long spells.We are just in the process of choosing the cast for our production thats happening in September this year.I auditioned but havent heard any thing yet.The production is Aladdin and a few years ago it was beauty and the beast.

    What are some things that are significant to Ohio? Whats some things that you do different at your school to our school? Do you have productions/plays?

    From your kiwi friend

  5. Aimee,
    That's cool you are doing Aladdin this year for your production. In Ohio we have... Well I'm not really sure.There's Rock and Roll hall of fame, We do have a State fair where there is whole bunch of things. At the fair there is concerts for hit artists like Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars people like them. We move around for different periods of the day. We don't have uniforms. We have alot of sports like soccer, track, wrestling, softball is for girls and baseball for guys, basketball, and football. We don't do plays in middle school but we do in high school which is 9-12th grade.
    Well thanks again, Your friend,