How to Comment

These are commenting guidelines for when you are writing any comment:
  1. Always set your comment out like a letter.  A nice way to begin is, "Dear Room 24".  How well you know the person or class you're commenting to determines whether you use formal language or informal (friendly) language.
  2. Compliment the author of the post - tell them what interested you about their information.
  3. Be sure to answer any questions they may have asked at the end of their post.
  4. If you have any further information of interest or relevant personal views include these in your comment.
  5. If it's appropriate, ask a question or two about the post.  This can continue a conversation - which is fun.
  6. Proofread, proofread, proofread.  Check your spelling using a dictionary.  Double check your sentences make sense and you've used good punctuation.  Remember to use exclamation marks carefully; use more words to describe your enthusiasm rather than!!!!
  7. End your comment with a farewell ending.  This could be: "Your classmate", "Your blogging friend", "Your Kiwi buddy", "Your new friend", "Kind regards", or even "Yours sincerely".
  8. Only use your christian name (never your surname).

If you are writing a comment on a blog you comment on regularly, you do not need to link our class blog at the end.  Simply write: Valerie, Room 24

When you are writing a comment on a 'new' blog for the first time, it's okay to sign off:
Best Wishes

Valerie, Taradale, New Zealand
(Notice I haven't repeated "Room 24")

If you are replying to a comment either on our blog or someone else's blog where you're replying to a reply, make sure you click on REPLY and write your comment in the reply section, not the new comment section.  This helps people to be able to continue a conversation with you.

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  1. dear class
    its savanna here and i think this si a very good thing to have on outr blog,so other classes can enjoy the helpful tips to.
    Your Class Mate Savanna