Monday, March 19, 2012

Kaweka's Flash Mob ... in Video

Kia Ora to all you wonderful readers out there.  This is our FANTASTIC flash mob that you read about in our post last week.  A huge thanks must go to Mr English for the time he took to edit the video for us.  We're now convinced he's a die hard Kawekian!

We hope you all enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed performing.

After watching our flash mob, what 'dance and drama' ideas do have for your class, your team or your school?
Do you have any favourite songs that make people want to just get up and dance?


  1. Well that has made my day! I am wondering whether I can convince my team to surprise our school with our own flash mob... Awesome stuff!!!! You might like our camp concert posts for a giggle! :)

    1. Dear Ms Bee

      I am sure you'd be able to convince your team to take on a flash mob. As you can read in our previous post, Room 5 (a class in our team) surprised us with the flash mob at our Kaweka team assembly.

      We loved it so much, we decided to "flash mob" the school - and what a success it was! Most importantly, the students loved it. I now have students wanting to dance to music in class.

      Maybe your class could surprise your team with a flash mob first.

      Thank you for commenting on our blog and we are glad that the video made your day.

      Kind regards
      Valerie McLeod

  2. We LOVED the video here in Hamilton, we watched it through from start to finish three times in class today, and the song, by the end of the day it was getting hummed during the classwork in the afternoon. A great inspired piece of film making/flash mobbing. We really loved it in Hamilton.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

    1. Dear Mr Webb and class

      Thanks for commenting on our blog. I really like your friendly comments. Our flash mob was really fun and exciting. Are you going to do one?

      Thanks again for commenting. Hope to hear from you again.

      Yours sincerely

  3. Hello Room 24, Trevor here,
    Wow this amazed me on how many people participated I liked the song too. The song made me want to get up and dance to the music. That looks alot of fun. I had fun watching it. The funny part was at the end when the kid said " That was awesome with a capital... What does awesome start with? Right, awesome with a capital A." That was funny I hope to see more cool things like this soon
    Your fellow blogging friend,

    1. Hi Trevor

      It was a lot of fun making this video, and I have to agree that the song was just one of those songs when you just want to get up and dance!

      The person at the end of the video is Riva. (He's a really good singer!)

      Blog back,

    2. Hey Molly,
      Sorry I haven't been posting a whole lot of comments I have been busy but anyway.
      Riva is funny and the other day I had a thought.. I thought about if I became an exchange student and went to your school that would be a big change for me
      Well I am glad to get a response.
      Your friend,

    3. Hi Trevor

      That's alright. To tell you the truth I've been busy over the holidays so I havn't been commenting that much either.

      Coming to our school probably would be a big change for you. We've had lots of other exchange students coming to our school and I'm sure that they've really enjoyed themselves.

      Your kiwi friend,

  4. Hi Room 24
    Awesome video guys, it looks like the whole school participated, the
    song was cool as well. It looks like the real video. I hope i can see
    more things like that on your blog.
    Bye Room 24

    From Ciara
    Rm 6 St Mary's Mosgiel NZ

  5. Kate
    We discussed the flash mob in class and were thinking about an appropriate time to do it, Brent from our class suggested at Assembly but our Assemblies are very formal and I don't know how some of the people would take it. Yesterday I had a sports tournament that some of our class were at, otherwise we would have all left you a comment about it.

  6. Hi Taradale Intermediate
    Your flash mob was so cool and everyone in
    the class loved it! I wish that my class
    could do something like that as well! I actually have a
    question for you.....
    Was it scary doing the Flash mob?
    Please answer my question

    Room 5, Melville Intermediate school
    Hamilton, New Zealand

    1. Dear Elizabeth,

      Doing the flash mob was great fun!
      I really loved it. The flash mob was not scary at all, and I think anyone would really enjoy it.

      Hope to keep in touch.

      From your pal,


  7. Hi our names are Jamie and Bianca.
    We really liked your video. did
    We thought it was so cool that the music just went on and people rushed over and started dancing.
    We have 2 questions for you,
    How long did it take you to practice the dance routine?
    And Did you practice in school hours?

    From Jamie and Bianca, Melville Intermediate School

    1. Dear Jamie and Bianca

      I'm glad you liked our video. It was so much fun doing it! Other members of the school were just standing around thinking, "awesome it's a flash mob". You could tell by their faces and their reactions.

      It was fun practising the dance, we had about four practices. And yes we did practice in school hours we did it after lunch or after morning tea.



  8. Dear Room 24,

    I love this post! I thought it was incredible that everyone looked so prepared for it. That must've taken quite a bit of practice.

    I'll have to check out your blog more often. I love the quote that appears when you first show up on your site. I'm a HUGE hockey fan so that quote really stood out to me. I think it also stands true for a lot of things in life. You need to always be looking ahead and being ready for what you're about to face!

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea. I know my students would love this!

    Mr. Avery

    1. Hi Mr Avery
      We had only had three or four practices before we performed this to the whole school. Alot of people had so much fun when they performed the flash mob. The quote gets changed regularly but this one is probably one of the better quotes
      From your blogging buddy


  9. Olivia Jurgens / Halcombe SchoolMarch 25, 2012 at 9:25 PM

    That was amazing! Looks like you guys had fun. I think you have some pretty good dancers in there, what an aweosme idea!

    1. Dear Olivia

      Well thank you. It was so much fun to do, we all had a great time. And so did the rest of the school. Even the teachers, they joined in and it was so funny! Yes we did have fabulous dancers, I really liked the rap dancers - they were funny!


  10. Hi my name is Jack, from St. John Vianney. I loved your flash mob. We do one at the end of the year, but it is only teachers that can do it. I thought it was cool that you can bring your own music at recess.I thought most of it was funny, nice video.

  11. Hi my name is Ryan from St. John Vianney. That video was awesome. I think that was the best video on your website.

  12. Dear Room 24,
    Why don't you guys wear shoes outside? Anyways I think it's pretty cool!

  13. You guys wear almost the same clothes as us.