Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Camp Opouahi - an Excellent Challenge

It’s been a while since Miss McLeod has published a post on our blog.  In fact, two weeks ago today we were arriving back at school from camp.  Room 24 all agree that camp was awesome, excellent, exhilarating, exciting, thrilling, full of happy times, grand, challenging, great, cool and fun!

Here are some quotes from students about their camp experiences:

“My favourite part was feeding the eels because I’d never seen so many slimy creatures before” - Kennedy.

“I enjoyed caving because it included two of my favourite things; swimming and climbing” – Mackenzie.

“My favourite part was caving – I loved walking through the water and the wetas” – Lisa.

“It was scary, going into the caves.  I thought it might collapse on us and then we’d all be drowned” – Ben.

“I liked the caving because I’d never been in a cave and it was exciting” – Jono.

“My favourite part about caving was being in tight places with spiders and wetas” – Simon.

“I liked canoeing because I liked being out on the water” - Jodie.

“My favourite activity was canoeing because it was my first time in a canoe AND I liked the swimming part” -  Ryeogeun.

“I liked the caving because I liked exploring around in the dark” – Connor.

“I took pleasure in everything because it was fun and it was all a great challenge” – Johanna.

“I liked caving because it was a new experience and I liked the feeling of having adrenaline running through me” – Kellie.

“I enjoyed the caving because it pushed me out of my comfort zone” – Ashleigh.

“The activity I liked the most was seeing the glow worms because I’d never seen glow worms before” - Arielle.

Where do you go to camp?
What activities will you be taking part in?
And, what do you think the highlight of camp will be for you?


  1. Wow! It seems like you guys had a lot of fun! I'm sure it was very exciting for you, and I hope you achieved goals if you set some before your camp. Your camp must of been thrilling and challenging for you.

    From Emily, Halcombe School.

    1. Hi there Emily
      Sadly I was sick before my class went to camp but they all had a wonderful time! Apparently when they went caving there were huge Wetas. Our main goal as a class was probably to know each other alot more and when they came back I could tell they've become really good friends and we all have really bonded after that. I'm sure everyone of us has made a new friend. Do you have a camp and when do you have it? At the beggining to bond, or at the end for fun?

      Keep in touch

  2. Gabrielle, St.John VianneySeptember 26, 2012 at 12:05 PM

    Wow, that seems like a cool camp! you get to feed eels?! Where is it? As a camp to recommend it would be, Camp Gray. You get to learn cool handshakes and so much more.