Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From Then til Now - 100 Medals

Have a look at New Zealand's 'All Time Medal List'.  It's a wonderful occasion to celebrate the successes of our athletes from the fourth modern Olympic Games in 1908 until now.

Each medalist has been a leader in their own right and has gone on to inspire others after them.  We know these champions lived the Olympic motto:  "Citius Altius Fortius" - Faster Higher Stronger.  These words encourage them to give their very best.  

The Olympic creed complements this and promotes having a character full of integrity, respect, and kindness:  "The most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well."   We know this creed also promotes humility as the victors recognise the efforts all competitors have invested.

Who are your stand out Olympians?
What impact have they had in your country?


  1. Hello Room 24,

    Considering the size of New Zealand's population, you have an outstanding record of achievement at the Olympics. 100 Olympic medals is a great step in your Olympic history. If we were to adjust the medal tallies by considering the population, the world would see just how great New Zealand's Olympic record is.

    Well done, New Zealand!

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    1. Hello Mr Mannell,

      It's so great that you have chosen our blog to comment on. My class and I are quite happy! Our teacher Miss McLeod has told us about how you are a regular commenter on other class blogs.

      In my opinion, I think New Zealand would be great if we had the population of everyone else, or even better if they had the same as us.

      How busy is it in Australia? I haven't been there in ages. Have you been to NZ?

      Thank you so much,

  2. Hi there Room 24.
    I enjoyed your blog post about New Zealand's Olympic successes. Did you make the video yourselves? During the Olympics, there was quite a lot of criticism of the Australian athletes in the media because some people felt they hadn't won enough Gold medals. Can you believe that? I think any athlete who even makes it into the Olympic team is a champion. We had an Olympics Day at my school with all our 3/4 students and it was fantastic. We had sports, literacy and maths Olympics followed by a medal presentation.
    Keep up the great work sharing your learning with the world. You certainly have had a lot of visitors!

  3. Hi Mary

    No we didn't make the video. But it shows what we can aspire to when making videos. It was quite
    interesting because we New Zealanders didn't have as much pressure to win medals as Australians did.
    One of our other houses (Takitimu) had an Olympics day. I think that an Olypmics day sounds really fun.
    Hope to hear from you soon

    From your blogging buddy