Friday, August 3, 2012

Congratulations NZ2012!

It's Saturday morning and across Aotearoa, New Zealanders either went to bed last night elated or got up this morning to the brilliant news that our team had won two Golds and one Bronze in the space of just over six hours!

This is what we're looking like on the Gold table:
CONGRATULATIONS to the Rowers and Track Cyclists for their achievements!  We're so proud of you and so happy for you and your successes.  Lauren Boyle also knocked three seconds off her personal best and came fourth in the final of the 800m Freestyle.  Although that's not a medal, we think that's pretty outstanding!

You can follow the medal map and see current medal standings at any time.  Thanks to Mrs McKenzie and B4 for originally posting the link to this map on their blog.

Who are the NZ Olympians that have won medals?
Other than the codes mentioned above, what events were they in?
Do you know which athletes from Team NZ2012 have beaten a New Zealand record or a personal best?
How are you celebrating the Olympics at your school?  If you're from another country, how are your Olympians doing?


  1. ♕♔Miriam♕♔August 5, 2012 at 2:35 PM

    Dear Miss. Mcleod,

    My name is Miriam and I a former student of Mrs. Yollis. I have been following a few Olympians like the swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte from the US, the runner Usian Bolt from Jamaica, and my favorite from the gymnastics US team McKayla Rose Maroney who is the Vaulting champion even through she fell today in the finals. She trains in the same gym as Sarah, my sister. We were all rooting for her to do well.


    1. Dear Miriam

      Thank you for your comment on our post.

      I saw a few of the swimming heats and finals last week - they're always full of excitement, tension, and competition. I definitely think Ryan Lochte is a rising star and while Michael Phelps first final in London 2012 wasn't so great I was very happy for him (and America) that he went out in style with the final gold medal. He certainly is a world champion!

      How fantastic for you to have an Olympic gymnast in your home town/city! That would make watching this section of the Olympics extra special. Usain Bolt is incredible - have you seen this link: It compares fast record holders with Usain Bolt. I'm sure he is a household name all around the world.

      I like to celebrate outstanding Olympians and performance no matter what country they're from. One of these people is Oscar Pistorius, the South African runner. Do you know why he is such an inspiration? I also think Jessica Ennis from Great Britain had an amazing performance in the Heptathlon.

      Kind regards
      Miss McLeod

    2. Dear Miss. McLeod,

      Thank you for replying back to me. I just saw the link and it is very interesting that every year the athletes get faster and better. Oscar Pistorius is amazing! They showed his life story and about how his mom pushed him to be like everyone else. If his brother climbed a tree, then he could do it too. I think that helped him fight to get strong, and compete as an Olympian. I also like to run, but don't think I have what it takes to be in the Olympics. I just enjoy it for myself. I did not see the heptathlon, but I did watch the men decathlon a little bit. They didn't show it very much.

      Yesterday we watched synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. I love to watch those two sports. They are beautiful.


    3. Hi Miriam

      Thank you for all your comments on our blog, we really love hearing from people. Isn't Oscar Pistorius amazing! He's just like everyone of us and I definitely think that having your mum push you to be like everyone else is awesome and would have helped a lot. He's an inspiration to give everything your best shot and never give up. It's also a wake up call to enjoy what you have and don't take anything for granted. I'm not much of a runner but I do enjoy sport and would maybe like to go to the Olympics too (maybe we could go together:)). The athletes that are competing at the moment are truly amazing. I like watching the diving. I think being able to jump off a platform about 10 meters high is great let alone doing all those flips, it's incredible. The men's decathlon was cool and the rhythmic gymnastics was really great. I think rhythmic gymnastics would be harder than normal gymnastics because you have to not only focus on your routine but also a ribbon or batton or even a ball.

      What did you think of the opening ceremony?

      From your blogging buddy

  2. Dear Miriam

    Some of the olympians I like from are Michael Phelps, Mark Todd and the New Zealand hockey teams.
    Our womans hockey team recently beat yours 3-2 on Saturday. I like Usain Bolt too, he won the mens 100 metre sprint this morning and apparently smashed the the olympic record which was set by himself by 6 seconds.

    I hope McKayla does well in the Gymnastics.

    Your blogging friend