Sunday, April 22, 2012

CELEBRATION - 1000 Blog Visitors!

New Zealand has just had school holidays for the last two weeks.  During this time we reached our 1000th visitor milestone.  It was a bit of a shame we weren't at school to celebrate but it definitely made for a fun first day of Term Two today.

In fact, by the time today arrived and Term Two began we had had just over 1100 visitors.

We celebrated in style with balloons, party poppers, and a special cake called a gateau.  We had candles with the digits '1000' on them.  Our most active bloggers got to blow the candles out while the rest of us popped the poppers.  Finally, we could tuck into the cake and lollies!

Do you have a ClustrMap on your blog?  What is the most remote country you've had a visit from?
What do you find encourages visitors to place a comment on your blog? 


  1. Dear Room 24
    Congratulations on reaching your first 1000 visitors!
    We get excited about checking out our blog visitors too.

    We were hoping to get a blog comment from Antarctica this year because the doctor who was here went down in February, but we haven't heard from him yet.
    So far the most remote visitor we have had could be the dots from the middle of Russia, or maybe the dots from the west coast of Africa.

    Good luck for more dots this term!
    from Mrs Mckenzie in B4

    PS We are looking forward to getting our postcards!

    1. Hi Mrs McKenzie
      Thank you very much. This happened over the holidays so we celebrated in the first couple of days. The celebration party was so much fun!

      By the end of this term we want to get at least 2000 visitors or more. As a class we think that the longer that you're a blogger, the more commmon people are to know you and the more people will come to our blog! We are all so exited.

      I think that it would be pretty cool to have a visitor from Antartica, well it's cool to have a some one rom any where really.

      Thank you again for the good luck!
      Your kiwi friend Molly
      P.S. You should be ariving your postcards very soon, and yours were wonderful!

  2. Hello,
    Well done for getting 1000 visitors on your blog.
    Please all of your class do my challenges on my blog at:

    1. Hi Chloe

      Thank you for your comment. We were all really happy to get 1000 visitors and it was a massive milestone. This is my first time participating in blogging so I was amazed to see that we had so many views from different cultures. We will be sure to check out your blog and complete your challenges.

      Hope to keep in touch

  3. Yum, That cake looks really good. I wish I could do that.