Sunday, April 22, 2012

Postcards - Hawke's Bay Style

Room 24 spent Term One inquiring into Culture and Identity.  We talked, discussed, reflected and explored and then discussed and reflected some more about what it means to come from a place, be from a place and be part of a particular group of people.

Our main focuses were what it means to be: Kiwis (that is New Zealanders), from Hawke's Bay (specifically Napier and Taradale), students at TIS, and members of Room 24.

All our discussions and time spent inquiring about our culture and identity resulted in us feeling really proud about who we are, where we come from and where we belong.

During our study, the opportunity arose for us to send postcards to B4 in the South Island.  We were excited about being able to showcase Napier and Taradale and chose to make our own postcards by photographing local places we either visit or think are neat tourist attractions.

We are really happy with our finished postcards and we hope B4 enjoy receiving them.

Have you ever received a postcard before?  
Where is the most interesting place you've received a postcard from?


  1. Dear Room 24,
    I think it's pretty cool that you did this. Where did you all send to? I have never received a post card from another country I would think it would be pretty neat though. I hope to see more cool things you do
    Your American blogging friend,

    1. Hi Trevor

      We had lots of fun making these post cards.
      My class sent them to Mrs McKenzie and her class!(our very good friends)

      They live in New Zealand like us so we havn't actually recieved a post card from over seas, I think it would be pretty cool though!

      Blog back

    2. Hey Molly,
      That's good, You should have a lot of fun making post cards. I think post cards are a pretty neat thing to do. I agree it would be pretty neat to receive a postcard from over seas.
      Hope to hear back,

    3. Hi Trevor,

      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I just LOVE to get postcards from far away friends or family. I feel so special when I receive something in the post/letterbox and then my mum goes, “Molly, this is for you”. Everyone in my family then watches to see what it is. That feels creepy but awesome!

      Yesterday I received a parcel in the mail from my aunty. It was a birthday present which made it even more exciting. There were lots of different gifts from my aunty, uncle and my cousins. That made it all very special for me.

      We look forward to hearing from you again

  2. Dear Rm 24
    Your wonderful postcards arrived last Friday, so we shared them at assembly! We held up all the postcards and said what the picture showed, and read out some of the messages. The photographs were great and you each told us lots of information about your picture.
    The photographs brought back a lot of memories for Mrs Mckenzie because she lived in Hastings for four years when she first started teaching.

    We hope you get some overseas postcards.

    from Mrs McKenzie and B4

    1. Dear Mrs Mackenzie and B4,

      Thank you for your lovely postcards. Room 24 was very excited about opening the postcards and reading your lovely stories about the amazing places in your town, I had Nathan's postcard and I really liked reading about the swing bridge. We could tell you guys put a lot of hard work into making them perfect.

      From your friend