Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Dream Jobs

While we were on holiday, one of the questions in the Student Blogging Challenge was "What would our dream job/s be?".  Miss McLeod asked us to write a paragraph describing our dream jobs.  She also wanted us to practise using including a hyperlink mid-sentence (rather than saying, 'to see this click here').  Some of us aren't too sure what we'd like to do when we're older but quite a few of us are interested in careers related to animals, the entertainment industry, public service or those that are adventure-based.  Have a read below to see our current ideas about dream jobs:

AIDAN:  My dream job is to be in the navy.  In the navy you get free holidays and you get paid lots of money. I think I will like my dream job because I have wanted to be in the navy all my life. I think this will be a good experience for me for the whole time I am in the navy.
AIMEE: My dream job is to be famous pop star. Touring all over the world and having double platinum albums. A celebrity is someone that has public fascination on a day-day basis and is easily recognised.
ALEXANDRA:  My dream job would be to be an archaeologist so I could find out about the history of our world. I also think that it would be cool to rebuild or remake on the computer so you could see what it was like in those days.  My second dream job would be to be a professional diver because you could see the underwater life and my mum was a diver.
ARIELLE:  My dream job is to be an art editor. This is when you report on a wide range of art subjects. This includes light music to opera and other forms of classical music as well as songs that cover the same spectrum. It also includes performances such as stage and movie productions and paintings, sculpture and other art. I want to be an art editor because I am creative and I am able to get the job done quickly.  My second dream job is to be a chef. This is because you get to cook in restaurants and you can cook for others at home. Also because you will get to cook different foods at parties and at weddings if you get employed there.
ASHLEIGH:  I can’t really decide what I want to be but one of my dream jobs is to be a GP which stands for General Practitioner. In New Zealand they are commonly known as your family doctor. I would love to become a GP because I love to help people and it would be an exciting career. I would enjoy working with a wide variety of cases and medicines. It will take you at least five years to become a qualified GP.
BEN:  My dream job is to be a helicopter pilot working for Helipro Taupo  and have a motorised scooter and flat with a friend and take people for rides in a helicopter - now that will be my dream job.  My other dream is to be a professional mountain biker.  I reckon the adrenaline is a really nice feeling because you have to think really fast also not be scared of high jumps and know how to land them and get out of trouble and not get thrown off your bike.
BRAEDON:  My dream job is to teach people how to scuba dive.  Scuba diving is about seeing the world from the deep blue and the animals that live there.  Being a professional scuba diver would be fun because you get to swim with marine animals.
BRINEY:  At the age of 11, I do not yet have a dream job but I believe that I would be very interested in the world of animals.  I would enjoy this career because I would be able to rescue helpless animals, work in the shelter and train the dogs and other animals so that they will find a good home where they're cared for properly.
BROOKE:  Once I leave school I would like to be a famous music producer known all around the world where people will pay thousands just to me.  I believe that that your job could be enjoyable if it was your dream job but really it’s up to you. There are the people who sit there complaining how boring or how stupid their job is and then there are those who really enjoy their job because they did something about it.  Not everyone gets paid for their job because some people are volunteer workers.  School work is different from real workers because when you are at school, you have several subjects to study over the course of a day and you usually have the same amount of time. But when you’re at work, most of the time you don’t get to do enough of an aspect of the job that you enjoy doing but you get more than enough of what you don’t like to do.
CODY:  To be honest, I don’t have a dream job, but I reckon it would be fun to be a police officer.  Why I would like this because it has lots of action, running, chasing people, giving people ticket, taking them to court, arresting people, hi-speed chases, dealing with silly people and a whole lot more.  
CONNOR: My dream job is to be an artist one because I love it and two they earn tonnes of money.  My inspiration was Leonardo Da Vinci not only did he paint but he made inventions too.                                            
GEORGIA:  My dream job would have to be a zookeeper for a zoo because I really like animals. I would like to work with the wild cats because they are fierce but when you get to know them they would be your friend and you would feed them, care for them, do study on them and report any health problems.
JODIE:  My dream job is to work with World Vision and help out the people in un-wealthy places such as Niger. I have always wanted to get involved in helping out in Global Hunger.  Click here to find out more and get involved …   WorldVision
JOHANNA:  It might change but for now my dream job is to be a lawyer because you earn a lot of money and I kind of enjoy researching. 
JONATHAN:  My dream job is to become a customs officer because they stop crooks coming and doing damage to countries.
KADIN:  My dream job would be to work as an accountant  because you get to work with really complex number equations.  I also think that it would be a cool job to help people or give advice to people about their financial problems.
KATE:  My dream job is to work as a veterinarian so I may help animals such as farm & domestic house pets. If my career is going great later on in life and I have the education, I will start helping endangered animals. I have had a passion to help animals ever since I could talk. I do a lot to help an animal that is in need of help. Every spring when the baby birds are ready to fly some don’t make it. So the ones that are in my garden and are hurt on the spring filled ground my dog picks up in her soft jaws and patiently bring the soft feathered creature to me. One year I had five baby birds that were a mix of Fantails and Sparrows. I would teach them to fly and feed them. After a while I would let them out at morning and call them at night each bird would come back but after a long time they would just sit on the fence and only come by the cage if they wanted canary seed. So that’s one of my animal stories that I will never forget. So know you know what I want to be when I’m older.
KELLIE:  I have two dream jobs, one is two be a professional guitarist and perform in lots of places.  My other dream job is to be a video game creator and either be in my own game company, or two be in Bungie, or Microsoft Game Studios. 
Guitaring will be fun for me because I will get to play more complicated and faster pieces and I will get to see lots more of my favourite guitarists and performers up close/live. Click here to learn more.
I think game creating will be fun because if I have any cool ideas even if they’re just random I can make them come to life. And also just being able to walk around places that I’ve made myself will be a pretty cool feeling. Click here to see more.
KENNEDY:  My dream job is to a Policeman and to help other so if they try to hit someone they can go to jail. I would like to be a policeman so I can help others if they’re hurt. 
LISA:  My dream job would be to work at Auckland Zoo. This is my dream job because you get to work with animals and spend lots of time with them.  I would be someone who takes care of the animals. I think that working at Auckland Zoo would be a great experience.
MACKENZIE:  My dream job is to be an Animal Dentist.  Everyone should enjoy their job and the best job I could ever think of doing is to be an animal beauty therapist or vet. 
MOLLY:  My dream job is to be a movie/TV actress and singer.  Imagine it, your singing on stage with people shouting your name, MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY!
I would smile and wave to the crowd then run across the stage hi-fiving people. I’d be singing my new hit single and listening to my back up girls oohing in time with the beat. I really wish I was famous, READ THIS to find out what it’s like to be a singer.
The camera’s pointing at you. You slap the person in front of you and a round of applause comes from behind the camera, you bow with sarcasm and then say to the person well done, you did a good job! He replies: You were close to actually slapping me!
Wouldn’t you love that? Nearly slapping someone for people’s entertainment? I know I’d LOVE it! I’d meet cool people like Selena Gomez, Reece Mastin, Emma Stone,(I think that’s her last name) and lots more people! READ THIS to find out what it’s like to be an actress. 
NAVAJO:  My dream job is to be a person who digs up dinosaurs and prehistoric animals bones.  They are called Palaeontologists.  Palaeontology is an awesome job because you get dirt in your nails and you get to travel the world to find extinct creatures like, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mammoths and Terror Birds.
NICOLA:  My Dream job is a Flight Attendant it would be pretty cool. Because you get to hand out food to people and you get to go to different places and you would meet new people from all over the world.
RYEOGEUN:  My dream job is doctor because the doctor can help many of people and doctor can have much money and I can help someone when they heart at the street. It’s not easy to be a doctor first they need a test to go in. They have to be careful then before because when they are not careful somebody can get heart. I will work hard and I will be successful my dream.
SAVANNA:  I would love to work at a chocolate factory because I will have treats and I will have lots of good mates to hang out with so I won’t be a loner. 
SAM:  My dream job would to be a skydiving instructor because skydiving is extremely fun. Click Here for a picture of a job as a skydiving instructor. This is my dream job is this because you are paid to jump out of planes.  You meet people from all over the country and world.  You also help people conquer their fears.
SIMON:  My dream job is to be a photographer.  One great bonus about being a photographer is that you can travel to places like Africa and photograph the lions, monkeys, elephants and more.
TROY:  My dream job is to be a fire-fighter.  Being a fire-fighter is a big responsibility and it takes courage because you are saving peoples lives when the building is to the ground.     
Do you have a dream job? 
What is it about this job that appeals to you?


  1. Dear Room 24,
    Wow these are all interesting jobs you guys & girls want to do. I personally want to be either in the military or be a bio geographer which is a person who studies where animals live so I would like to do that. I hope you guys get some of your wishes,
    Your blogging friend

  2. Dear Room 24, I'm Belinda, Nicola's Aunty. It's great that you're thinking about what you want to do as a job. You seem very excited about your choices and have chosen things that match your interests. Follow your dreams and think big, Belinda :)

  3. Stephen & Theresa HodsonMay 20, 2012 at 6:14 PM

    Dear Nicola
    What a great challenge for you and your class to start thinking about your future careers. We had no idea you are interested in travel and becoming a Flight Attendant. Why stop there, why not aim for a pilot. You are raised in a day and age where you can be anything you want so aim high! Good luck to you and your class mates, it would be great to have an update 10 years from now.
    Stephen & Theresa (Nicola's Uncle & Aunt)

  4. Dear Room 24...

    Your dream jobs sound like fun. My dream jobs are to be a beauty therapist and a hairdresser as well. I hope you guys a really excited to get your dream jobs just like me and my friends are.
    Are you guys all going to go to university???

    From Brittany (Wellington, Tawa Intermediate, Room 15)

  5. Hi room 24,
    Your dream jobs are awsome and intresting,my dream jobs are to be a chef/baker or a police woman.Remember to keep your head high and follow your dreams.
    From courtney at tawa intermediiate sschool,

    1. Hi Courtney

      Thank you! I reckon it would be fun to be a chef/baker to, my drem job is to be a police man.


  6. Dear Room 24,
    Wow you guys came up with some great ideas! When im older I would like to be a architect because I just love designing houses. This was a great idea to be thinking about. I hope we can do this one day at my school.
    Yours sincerly,
    Nelly Skelton
    Room 6
    Halcombe School

  7. Dear Room 24,
    I think that your flash mob is awesome. You guys are lucky you get to take off your shoes and shirts. Your friend Sadie.